Kania 2000

The Kania 2000 trap is a self contained unit which allows the trapper an instant set and is widely considered one of the safest setting and most humane traps in the world today. This is a selective trap, very suitable for use by pest controllers in a wide variety of situations and locations. The perfect grey squirrel trap to use in loft spaces, mounted on trees and baited with peanuts, peanut butter or whatever your favourite attractant happens to be.

Kania 2000

The WCS Tube Trap

The WCS Tube Trap is approved for the killing of grey squirrels, mink, rats, stoats and weasels.

The Tube Trap is 4.5 inches in diameter, and is constructed of 21 gauge steel and is treated to stop rusting. 
The Tube Trap is 15 inches in length and is powered by a modified double torsion spring. The parts are all precision cut by laser so they are no sharp edges to contend with. This trap can be used in both a baited and un baited manner and can be placed directly on the ground without the need for another tunnel. This trap is deadly for mink and grey squirrels.

WCS Tube Trap

Fenn Type Traps

There a three versions of this trap that are legal in the UK today, there are also cheap chinese copies that are not worth buying and are not legal to use. Make sure the trap you are buying are one of the three approved ones.

The Fenn, Springer and Solway versions of this Mk4 trap is approved for killing weasels, stoats, rats & grey squirrels. Traps by law need to be in a natural or artificial tunnel.

Fenn Mk4 Trap

DOC Trap

The DOC 200 is a powerful trap designed for the Department of Conservation in New Zealand and is approved in the UK for the killing of grey squirrels, rats, stoats, weasels and mink. The trap must be set in an artificial tunnel constructed to the design specified by the Department of Conservation.

Although this is an excellent trap for squirrels it is not readily available in the UK and is expensive.

DOC 200

Bodygrip Traps

BMI MAGNUM 'Bodygrip' traps are the end result of many years continuous development. Lightweight and compact the design suits a wide variety of pest control situations. It is widely accepted in the USA that the MAGNUM series are the fastest humane killing production 'bodygrip' traps.

BMI Bodygrip traps feature a four way trigger which fires the trap when an animal pushes the trigger from any direction, including the side. The shape of the flexible trigger wires can be simply changed, altering the strike area to suit individual circumstances. The more experienced in their use you become the more you will see their potential.

Bodygrip traps need to stabilised and have a tunnel by law.

The #55 is approved against rats and mice.

The #110 is approved against rats, stoats, weasels and grey squirrels.

The #116 is approved for all the above plus mink and rabbits.

Bodygrip Traps

Fenn Cage

The Fenn cage is designed to house a Mk4 Fenn trap for trapping squirrels and rats. The entrance hole can be either from the top, side or bottom, this cage is especially effective on squirrels hung on a tree or fence.

Fenn Cage

There are a few more tunnel variations to suite both Fenn and Bodygrip type traps but are not so readily available these days.