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Grey Squirrel Control

Trap Development and Research

Grey squirrel Control works continuously on trap development and research into bait and lure, whislt there are ongoing projects looking at various biological control methods this is still a long way off and the need to control is as crucial as ever.

BT 200 Ammo Box Trap

The BT 200 and DOC 200 are powefull squirrel killers and have been around for a while but with a change of regulation it is now much more flexible to use the traps in various situations on and off the ground.

The trap is secured into a modified ammunition box with a restricted entrance and a second baffle onto the treadle, when the treadle is depressed the killbar is released and srikes the squirrel arcoss the head ensuring a instant death.

The trap can be used either on the ground or mounted to a tree trunk or fence and is squirrel specific with the only non target being a occasional rat.

YouTube video of the BT 200  

The ammo boxes are available in both single and double trap versions.

Traps are available to purchase in the Grey Squirrel Control Shop